Roger Halligan 2022
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"Terminus V" installed at Park Circle, North Charleston, SC

I am very pleased to announce that my sculpture Terminus V has found its permanent home at the Park Circle in North Charleston, SC.  The City of North Charlestons website states  The entirety of the inner circle has been redeveloped and includes the largest inclusive playground in the world, a new community building with art/rehearsal studio, flexible event space, a history and archives repository, an artist in residence studio and meeting room, an inclusive baseball field, a farmers market pavilion, nature garden, open green space, and walking trails. 

My sculpture graces the lawn near the community building.  I find it fitting that this sculpture has found its destination there.  A terminus marks one's arrival at a desired destination.  That arrival can also signify the beginning of the next phase of our journey.  Both, I feel, are built on a series of little personal victories.  Each little victory a challenge met and surmounted. We begin with the decision to start the journey to reach the terminus and then proceed to address the boundaries or barriers that present themselves along the way. When we arrive at our destination, we are presented with the opportunity to go even farther on our next journey. Park Circle is both a wonderful destination and jumping off place for so many positive and exciting victories! 

I am truly honored that my sculpture has found its terminus here.