This series of wall reliefs began in the 1990's.  In many respects they are a counter to my three dimensional sculptures in that they are much quicker and less strenuous to do and are more painterly.  They were for me experimental in both approach and style.   They remind me of old bits of wall or rock faces, or even in some cases reliquaries.  In 2022 I unpacked a large number of them from our 2019 move from Chattanooga.  I re-inventoried, and re-photographed them aand in many cases altered them if I found they were not to my likeing.  Re worked pieeces will show two dates of completion.  These Cement drawings are constructed of  a white alkaline resistant fiber glass areinforcced Portland cement mixture troweled and manipulated over polystyrence foam blocks.  Some contain imbedded found oblject elements and all are painted or stained.  

Artworks that are available for purcahse are labeled with a A4P after its description.